Get set for the VIRTUAL Push And Pull Weekend!

Paddle, run, or ride – or do all three!

The 2020 VIRTUAL Push And Pull

Same vibe, prizes and good times. Do it yourself or get a team of three together!

Welcome to the 2020 Push and Pull Weekend!

In times such as the ones we are living in, one can either succumb to the situation, or adapt and overcome. The nature and character of an outdoor enthusiast is to choose the latter.

We at the Push and Pull believe strongly that there is a huge opportunity to rise up and show off the love we have for our sports, across the board.

We believe there is a need to take a stand towards health and showing how an active lifestyle lends itself towards being a healthy lifestyle.

So, outdoor enthusiasts, we introduce the new concept of the Virtual Push and Pull for 2020, and are frothing to bring it to life and bring it to you.