How it works

In times such as the ones we are living in, one can either succumb to the situation, or adapt and overcome. The nature and character of an outdoor enthusiast is to choose the latter.

We at the Push and Pull believe strongly that there is a huge opportunity to rise up and show off the love we have for our sports, across the board.

We believe there is a need to take a stand towards health and showing how an active lifestyle lends itself towards being a healthy lifestyle.

So, outdoor enthusiasts, we introduce the new concept of the Virtual Push and Pull for 2020, and are frothing to bring it to life and bring it to you.

3 options – 3 Challenges


One Person, one sport, three days.

  • You, as an individual, choose paddling, running OR cycling as your sport, and take on the individual challenge for ONE of the three sports.
  • Therefore, you may complete and record your times for one sport for the three days and be listed in the results of the Individual Paddle, Run or Cycle


One Person, three sports, three days.

  • Effectively, a 3-Day triathlon.
  • You choose which distances of the various sports you find most preferable, do one day of each sport, and combine the times to create an overall set of results.
  • One may choose to run on Day 1, cycle Day 2, and paddle Day 3 (or any combination in whichever order), and combine those times against their competitors.
  • The only rule is that you must to one day of each sport. One may not complete two days of cycling and one day of paddling, because that would sway towards the Individual Race.


Three People, three sports, three days

  • Select your team and get in contact with people that are in the other sporting codes to be a part of your team.
  • One person competes in one select sport, so each team will have a runner, paddler and cyclist.
  • Compete in your sport for the three days in the various times and distances of that sport, and combine with the other two team members competing in their various sports to create an overall time.
  • Need a partner/s? Enter the Team Challenge and look for partners in the various sporting codes on the Push and Pull website.


How the Race Will Work

The Virtual Push and Pull is asking you to see how far you can go in a set time for each of the days!

The times for each sport are the exact same – the rules are that the days must be done in order and that you must record your time and distances you managed to complete and submit it online.

  • Day 1 – 35min
  • Day 2 – 1hr 35min
  • Day 3 – 50min

The time frame for the Push and Pull will start on the 8th of August (the start of the Women’s Day Weekend) and run for the whole month of August, to allow you and your team enough time to clock the most distance for the three times given.

The entry fee will be R50, and will give you the chance to take part in the Push and Pull challenge with you and your teammates and appear in the official set of results!

You will also stand the chance to win prizes in the form of Entries, Vouchers and Products from sponsors, as well as a promo code for the 2021 edition of the Push and Pull!!

***NB*** There will be MASSIVE giveaways for those of you who can show us pictures and videos on social media of themselves having the BEST TIME BEING OUTDOORS AND ENJOYING THEIR SPORT!!

We are really excited for this new alternative offered for the Push and Pull and will be giving tons of updates about what will be happening very shortly!