Race Info

Sequence of Events

Day 1

Rock up at the start at Val de Vie Estate, and prepare yourself for an unbelievable 16km Day 1.

Get your paddles revving on the fun and fast-flowing River for the first 3km through Val de Vie to the hotspot at the Berg River Bridge.

Enjoy the unfamiliar rapids above Paarl before you get to the Paarl Web Design Portage Prize, which will see the front paddlers competing to be the first to put in on the other side of the Paarl Weir.

Finish 3km later at Berg River Brewery to complete Day 1.

Walk 200m down the road to your allocated tent at the Overnight Race Village at Meadow Feeds, hop in a shower and throw some dry clothes on. Return in due time to grab supper for the first night. From then on the evening festivities will get cracking. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Live Bands performing at Berg River Brewery. Take a chance to sample some of the Brewery’s unbelievable craft beers and soak up the vibe of this festive place for night one.

Day 2

Day 2 Starts at the Brewery and is 35km long. Grab a good breakfast because this is the longest of the 3 days.

Th  is Day will see Olympic 200m speeds being reached in the first hundred metres, as the Gara Bridge Prize 300m into the race at Dal Josephat Weir. There is a Gara Paddle up for grabs for the winner of the Gara Bridge Prize IN EACH BATCH. So, with 10 batches setting off in the early fog of the Berg River, 10 quick sprinters will walk away with Gara Paddles.

The river is fun and enjoyable for 35km downstream, with a few testing rapids and channels to allow for smaller margin of error at some stages.

The Finish Point for Day 2 will be at Blou Porselein Guest Farm, where a Farmers Market will be going all afternoon to showcase the best of the Riebeek Kasteel region.

Lunch and Dinner will again be served at the Day 2 Overnight Rave Village with more Live Bands rocking it out to make the Day 2 festivities epic!

Wine lovers alike can look forward to a wine tasting on offer at the Day 2 overnight, and a fully stocked bar available to keep the night young, with only a short day’s  paddling remaining.

Day 3

15km remains of the Bamboo Warehouse Push and Pull Paddle weekend.

Grab a great breakfast and hop on the water for a reversed order, elapsed time start for Day 3.

Look forward to a hotspot spectator spot at Hermon Bridge about halfway through the day, before cruising in to the finish at Delsma Farm.

This beautiful wedding venue will play host as the finish venue and prize giving venue to cap off the inaugural Bamboo Warehouse Push and Pull Paddle.

A delicious final lunch will be accompanied by prize giving, and you are free to enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Have a great snooze that afternoon and reflect on a fantastic weekend!

What you need to Bring:

  • Boat (K1 or team-up in a K2)
  • Paddle
  • Kit-bag (Paddling kit for 3 days and clothes for “off the water” in a bag that will be transported downstream for you)
  • Your “A Game” in preparation for a cracker weekend ahead.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need a Second to drive my car?

A: Negative Ghostrider. There will be a student shuttle service which will charge R100 for your car to be driven to the finish of each day.

Q: Day 2 is 35km, will I need drinks and snacks along the way to keep the engine full?

A: There will be a handy water table approximately halfway through the stage with drinks and fuel for the paddlers.

Q: Will there be enough food available?

A: 100%. Our Service supplier, Zulu Overland, know how to take care of catering. And even if you are still hungry, there will be vendors and food trucks on site to buy extra chow.