Trail Info

Ready for three days of awesome trails through the Berg River Valley?
Check out Stage One, Stage Two and Stage Three here.

Day One
Get the legs ready for a fast and flat, ±9km with 60m elevation suburban trail run!
Start at the Val de Vie Boma with a boom.
Scramble your way through some sandy single track.
Weave through some trees.
Bolt back on some jeep track.
Once the lactate has settled and you stop seeing black dots, gather your legs and make your way to join the paddlers at Berg River Brewery.
Grab a tent, a beer, some food.
Relax and enjoy the festivities.

Day Two
After a hearty breakfast, and mentally preparing yourself for ±18km with 400m of climbing, drive to Blou Porselein.
Get pumped up by some car tunes and arrive at the start and finish location for day 2.
Take it easy peasy as you head out into the neighbouring farmlands.
Expect three breath-taking climbs.
Keep in high spirits at the highest point.
Take a water break amongst the vineyards.
Rev down to the river side and to the finish.
Once you’ve march to the market, make sure to make your way to the massage tent after the toughest
day and treat yourself.
Lunch and dinner will be prepared for you so enjoy another epic afternoon.

Day Three

The 13.8km with 100m descent river cruise is what stands between you and completion of the three day stage trail run.
Enjoy the lovely breakfast and get ready to rumble.
Loosen up the legs when leaving the farmlands.
Don’t get your feet wet and take the bridge crossings.
Tuck and jump along the river bank.
It’s the final stretch to beat the paddlers down to the finish line.
Lunch and prize giving will take place at Delsma Farm.
Enjoy the rest of your day!

What to bring:
Running shoes
Drinking system
Clothes and toiletries for 3 days.